Single Player Hall of Fame

Want to find the best single player mods, split into games and styles? Well, you have just found them!

The Single Player Hall of Fame from PlanetPhillip.Com lists the top single player mods for GoldSource and Source engine games. The results are roughly taken from the unique rating system called Recommendations.

With over 1200 maps and mods released, selecting the best ones was always going to be difficult but the mods chosen were universally accepted as being particularly good.

Finishing Half-Life is just the beginning!

Half-Life 1 "Welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System."

  • Residual Life

    Residual Life

    by Radiation Studios

    You play a scientist going about his day as Black Mesa suddenly becomes infested with aliens...

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  • Poke 646

    Poke 646

    by Poke646 Team

    It’s 13 months after the incidents at Black Mesa. The Black Mesa Research Facility has been shut down...

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  • Poke 646 Vendetta

    Poke646 Vendetta

    by Poke646 Team

    Starting from where Poke 646 ended, you continue your journey and hope to finish what you...

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  • Azure Sheep

    Azure Sheep

    by The Azure Sheep Team

    You play one of the secirity guards that is on duty in one of the entrances of the Black Mesa facility...

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  • USS Darkstar

    USS Darkstar

    by Neil Manke

    USS Darkstar is a futuristic episode for Half-Life set on a Zoological Research Vessel....

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  • Reissues


    by Reissues Team

    Reissues is a collaborative mapping project that traces its roots back to Project Quantum Leap. The basic...

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  • Absolute Redemption

    Absolute Redemption

    by Maverick Development

    It was written in the ancient scrolls of Xian that, during the last Crelat of Xen time, a portal would be opened...

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  • Sweet Half-Life

    Sweet Half-Life

    by SHL Team

    You are McGinley, the black mesa warehouse manager. You feel that something is going REALLY wrong...

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  • Radix


    by Unquenque

    You find yourself on a spaceship, which seems to be researching Xen lifeforms. Follow the clues to a...

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  • Point of View

    Point of View

    by POV Team

    ou have been Gordon Freeman, Adrian Shepard and Barney. And what did you did during all that time? You...

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  • Someplace ELse

    Someplace Else

    by Adam Foster

    Pay attention – things are more complex than they might first appear. Intrigue, subterfuge...

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  • Smart Decoy

    Smart Decoy

    by Joe Hunter

    You are sent to an underwater base. Your objective is to reach and destroy the “machine”...

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  • Peaces Like Us

    Peaces Like Us

    by Koumei Satou

    “Mankind found an entrance to XEN world and an investigation team met with the uncanny aliens in...

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  • Half-Life: Invasion

    Half-Life: Invasion

    by Invasion Team

    Invasion starts at the end of HL Remember, you were in a train with the G-man? Fortunately, scientists hidden...

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  • Cry of Fear

    Cry of Fear

    by COF Team

    You wake up in a dark alley, not knowing anything. What has happened anyway? You struggle after the truth and....

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  • They Hunger

    They Hunger

    by Neil Manke

    The player takes the role of a troubled writer who has gone to a country retreat to work on his next masterpiece...

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  • Heart Of Evil: Napalm Edition

    Heart Of Evil: Napalm Ed.

    by HOE:NE Team

    Accurately and sensitively depicts the American "experience" in Vietnam, right down to the laces on the zombies...

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  • The Trap

    The Trap

    by Reaktor

    Welcome to the Trap complex. Here, you will be subjected to numerous tests for dexterity and...

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Opposing Force "This mission goes *way beyond* FUBAR!"

  • Under the Black Moon

    Under the Black Moon

    by B-Dama

    After a crash, you must proceed through the base and reach the evac zone.

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Half-Life 2 "Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman!

  • Powerstation 17

    Powerstation 17

    by Jason Gimba

    Gordon Freeman infiltrates a powerstation commandeered by Combine forces in an effort to destabilize their control of the...

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  • Forward Motion

    Forward Motion

    by Justin Carlton

    This is a collection of maps that can be played in any order, although if you start at the beginning they do flow better.

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  • Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere

    Coastline to Atmosphere

    by Leon Brinkmann

    This mod continues the story where Half-Life 2 finished and offers one possible scenario.

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  • Calamity


    by Bobby Cardona

    Battle the violent combine regime, obliterate zombies and Xen creatures, and learn even more knowledge...

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  • Riot Act

    Riot Act

    by Germano Guerrini

    You play the role of Jamil Lee, who is a young member of the civilian resistance, taken by the Combine and currently...

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  • Strider Mountain

    Strider Mountain

    by Leon Brinkmann

    At 30,000 Feet you are almost 6 miles above sea level. The human body is not made for these conditions.

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  • The Citizen

    The Citizen

    by Kasperg and Playbus

    The player takes the role of an ordinary man, pushed over the edge by the oppressive regime controlling his life.

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  • The Citizen 2

    The Citizen 2

    by Kasperg and Playbus

    The second chapter of The Citizen picks up precisely where the first left off. You regain conciousness, and discover...

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  • Mistake of Pythagoras

    Mistake of Pythagoras

    by Koumei satou

    You are Gordon in a parallel world and the city is under attack from unknown enemies.

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    CSS: Sci-Fi: Hardwired

    by Fitzroy_doll

    The player is an augmented clone of GF and must fight Combine forces across 42 unique and replayable...

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  • Das Roboss

    Das Roboss

    by Tyler Munden

    Combine forces are in the process of constructing a huge robot in an abandoned government fallout shelter...

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  • Rock 24

    Rock 24

    by Henley Bailey & Richard Acherki

    The mod takes place on a previously abandoned cliffside prison. The combine have moved in and are re-using the...

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Half-Life 2: Episode One "A Combine zombie. Zombie Combine!"

  • Minerva: Metastasis

    Minerva: Metastasis

    by Adam Foster

    The true method of knowledge is experiment. So, strapped to the underside of a stolen Combine...

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  • Sebastian


    by Jason Gimba

    Where would you be without Barney?
    That Beer Buddy just keeps coming to your rescue.

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  • Siren


    by LuE.Kami

    You start in a small town and have to work your way through the tunnels. You meet Father Grigori but...

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  • The Sprucecape Mappack

    The Sprucecape Mappack

    by Erik and Aleksi

    You play the role of John Sprucecape. Apparently, a "once a successful professor of philosophy, but now a...

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Half-Life 2: Episode Two "In this, as all things, The Freeman excels!"

  • Research & Development

    Research & Development

    by Marcello Bortolino

    A puzzle-centric mod for HL: Ep2 featuring an unarmed player but plenty of violent mayhem.

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  • Mission Improbable

    Mission Improbable

    by Magnar Jenssen

    The Combine have destroyed the listening outpost and you managed to escape in to the tunnel. Now the fun really starts!

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  • Dangerous World

    Dangerous World

    by TiiM

    You are Frank Harrison, a rebel, who lives near City 17. You wake up and find that the Citadel...

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  • Eye of the Storm

    Eye of the Storm

    by Lord

    Picking up the story after John’s escape from Ravenholm, you will visit new locations and ...

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  • Human Error

    Human Error

    by HLSS Team

    The death of the Nihilanth threw the Xenian army into disarray, and the subsequent portal...

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  • Project 25

    Project 25

    by Filip Coulianos

    With about 30 minutes of playtime, this mod will take you through a variety of locations and offers you various...

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  • Precursor


    by Precursor Team

    The Resistance is threatened by a decisive Combine assault, and as a wanted Resistance member you will...

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  • Union


    by Matt Glanville

    he last thing I remember was our train being stopped in the woods. OVERWATCH told me I was needed...

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