19th August 2012

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  1. Ade 903 comments

    19th August 2012

    :) Quite a nice read!

  2. JG 472 comments

    19th August 2012

    It’s looking really great based on the screenshots! I like how the areas look unique, especially the large foyer with the logo hanging from above, but still fit the general appearance of Black Mesa.

  3. Unq 521 comments

    22nd August 2012

    Also, join a community who works with the same engine. They might know something you don’t!

    If you won’t mention the site, I will. For any Goldsource mappers out there the best community is TWHL – Still a very active site, with good reference material, tutorials, and a responsive forum.

    • I mentioned TWHL several times – it just didn’t make the article. The very nature of journalism means that not all of our answers will be printed :)

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