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I am pleased to announce the release of BeginningVille.

A collection of 5 entries, some with two maps.

All contain creativity and imagination.

Read on to find out more.

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10th February 2013

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  1. Phillip says Play It!

    Well, overall I felt this was a pretty good competition. I certainly didn’t do enough to organise it the way I planned, but sometimes Real Life gets in the way.

    Anyway, it’s done now and the mod has been released. I am looking forward to the next one and seeing how each entry, assuming the modder decides to continue, develops.

    I have already explained why I chose the winner, but below are my thoughts on each entry.

    Collector’s Compound

    WOW, what an entry. Huge! Plenty of action and lots of interesting design. The helicopter stopping or pausing was a bit of a shame but you can only be amazed at how much work went into this entry.

    If this were released on its own then I am sure we would all be loving it and I have a feeling this will be the readers’ choice but I felt it was the right sort of entry for the start of a mod.


    It’s always fun to play Miigga’s work and the train/puzzle combination was really well done. The main open area was also nicely arrange with plenty of great lighting and action.

    Certain not a bad entry but just do enough to win.


    This was a late entry and consequently not eligible to “win”. To be honest, there were just too many empty areas and places to see out of the map. That said, it followed the guidelines very well and I look forward to seeing what some polish can do.

    Missed Flight

    I definitely enjoyed the start and again it followed the guidelines very well. I think Tony needs to change his nickname from Starman to Trainman, as all his maps seem to feature trains!

    There is maybe one issue with a trigger and the strider which could be a gamebreaker, but all in all it was pretty fun to play.


    This featured a great start that took a while to really get “going” but once it did I felt it had everything I want in the first part of the mod. The toxic lake are was really well done and I definitely felt I travelled some distance.

    Again, it wasn’t without its faults and the level change definitely needs some work.

  2. Ade 787 comments

    10th February 2013

    Play It Now!
    1. Collector’s Compound

    – node graph out of date, rebuilding
    – interesting story! but doesn’t play out that well
    – first time i see turrets i can’t get near them for an invisible wall pushing me away
    – i don’t understand who am i playing as and why are the rebels attacking me also, it just makes the entire mod really hard and frustrating
    – once i get the vehicle i have no idea where to go and that happens more than once in this entry
    – plus i can get the car stuck in places and not even the ggun can help, it’s just really a lot of stuff that haven’t been tested for this, plus it’s hard as hell
    – very low fps which makes it even harder, and some areas are extremely tight like the bridge with the white concrete blocks towards the end, of course I died a few times trying to go with the car through there, then said ok let’s just kill everything first and then pass and this way it still took me a lot of time to get pass that tight area and right before the gate there i even managed to get car stuck again as a wheel was outside the bridge and so to push it with the ggun i would’ve had to literally stand in mid air
    – the game doesn’t end and go to main menu
    – overall i enjoyed smashing fine art but the textures and blocks are, well, too blocky, too many straight lines and odd corners.. it’s a really long mod and not sure that’s a good thing and in the end it just doesn’t get the feeling the competition needed, which goes for most entries
    Playtime: 1h5m

    2. Retreat

    – as i already tested this i went through it a bit faster now and had the feeling i missed a ggun but i could mistake it with another mod and sorry misteraddy if i’m repeating my feedback
    – The first map is actually better than the ChaseVille entries in my opinion and it kept me in a rush even after I stopped running, I kept looking back from time to time for some reason.
    – the strider part now is awesome
    – Nice way to climb out of a mine and I liked the crab on the wall too
    – The levels have nice progression, but maybe a bit rushed, well not taking in consideration the small boat which gathers invisible rope and goes on pulling even when I’m out of it to get those supplies. I just felt I’ve come a long way, which is good, it’s what Phillip intended, but without making much trouble/damage, and the weapons come easily and fast. But it’s enjoyable, specially the beginning. I wasn’t expecting so much work in so little time and for it to be actually good is even more of a nice surprise.
    In my opinion this should be the winner because it actually implements the intended feeling and on top it’s really fun to play and already looks polished. GJ
    Playtime: 18m

    3. Missed Flight

    – the style of the author is the same and has consistency in illogical things like what breaks and what doesn’t. as any other tony deblasio map, this is a frustrating one, in the train area i am literally surrounded by invisible walls. since I got up a ladder i thought well maybe this is the end, but being given an rpg im thinkin mmmno. and my only guess was a bad trigger since his maps are full of those. And when i do find it, im thinking waht a stupid place to put the trigger in, it’s 1 square for a player model to get into, right near the lock on the shed which i didn’t go near or touch it since none of the locks in this map broke (with weapons) so it’s literally a pixel hunt that can break the game, but what’s new
    – i died by train cus the time window for jumping is too small, but til that point was nice to keep looking back and seeing the train was gaining on me. that’s the only nice thing i had to say about this mod
    Playtime: 28m

    4. Crowduction

    – crowbar production, well that gave me a laugh! I thought Miigga was just kidding when he said this in chat, but he actually put it in the map hehe
    – In the first large area though I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or where to go and went up the ladder by accident, died 2 times without seeing it cus im attacked from all sorts of places and i start up with just the crowbar
    – and here same ‘ride train then jump to the left fast or die’ thing hahaha I must say i hate it and died again cus i didn’t know white bars kill lol
    – but the next puzzle is genious, as always
    – then jumping gets easier and the 3rd time jumping down was actually nice
    – too short level! Enjoyable overall but doesn’t induce the intended feeling
    Playtime: 13m

    5. Evasion

    – some AI on a bridge don’t attack
    – I can jump and see outside map; plus the mapping is really poor
    – the heli got stuck in a building, twice
    – the radio was creepy! in a good way
    – the car can easily get stuck in places so please provide a ggun so i can unstuck it and not reload
    – seethrough building here: and here:
    - and i see dev textures tsk tsk
    Playtime: 17m

    So yea I already picked a winner and I’m sure it’s the obvious choice for all.

  3. MisterAddy 266 comments

    10th February 2013

    Play It Now!

    Thanks Phillip, I’m really glad you enjoyed my entry. I thought some of the others were great too, particularly Crowduction and Missed Flight. I look forward to the feedback from other readers, and I will definitely try and enter the next competition. Thank you again for organising such a great event.

  4. Tobeas 127 comments

    11th February 2013

    Collectors Compound

    This wins the price for the most creative story. Lots of action and story elements and some beautiful areas. Sometimes, the action can get a little too much though. The areas when driving the car can sometimes, not often but sometimes feel a little cramped and you can’t clearly see where you are going.


    The first thing you see when playing a Miigga map is the stunning visuals. This one was really short though and as usual had some very interesting puzzles. Fun to play but not enough to win.


    There was hardly any action or puzzles at all in this map, just lots of walking and some driving. I can’t really review this since there is not much to review. It may just be the Author wanted to be in the competition so badly that he rushed through the map.

    Missed Flight

    It seems like Tony have his own visual style since this is really similar to his Elevatorville entry. Its fun to play, you feel like you are progressing. Its a really good map.


    Begins with a very nice chase sequence and then, plenty of action. Followed the guidelines good. Really liked the strider part. Then through a forest wich could be a little bigger but its just enough. Really enjoyed the Mines. I enjoyed everything about this map. -WINNER-

    So, all did very good but if you are a mapper and not a modder, you are not used to making maps with a story. I agree myself, it was a challenging task.

    I can’t judge people but I think pretty much all maps needs some polish but they get the chance later.

  5. Dysprogue 58 comments

    11th February 2013

    Collectors Compound

    This was a pretty cool idea, I did like the lighter tone of the map but I died more than usual on this map and the deaths felt a bit cheap, enemies would grapple in silently behind me or en mass in a room with not enough cover and the fact that rebels are shooting you as well didn’t help. I resorted to sniping with the magnum because driving in was suicide. But it was a fun style and seeing how much in property damage you were costing Dr Breen was a nice touch.


    As always Migga’s map is quirky and creative the start of the map is an interesting interpretation of the rules although the novelty does wear off after a while but immediately after the beginning sequence Migga throws you straight in the shit, which was pretty cool but the actual path you’re supposed to take isn’t as clear as it should be leaving you running around like a loony trying to find the exit. From that point the map has you solving puzzles then running for the train this is cool but the puzzle-train cycle quickly starts feeling very formulaic. Still, very cool.


    The idea behind the starting area was pretty cool although the brush work is too chunky to pull it off effectively more detail was required there’s a section early on where a road is blocked when an APC rolls up and starts shooting at the player, perhaps a combine wall or a crashed truck would have worked better as this solution penalises the player for exploration. Also there is a long section of train track that the player must walk along in order to progress in which nothing really happens perhaps getting the car from the broken bridge would have worked better. This generally has the feel of a rushed map, there are plenty of cool ideas here but they don’t seem to have been fully realised.

    Missed Flight

    This map is pretty cool, I loved the train section although it looked to me as if the train had more speed settings…. it does not. Afterwards there is a long pause in the action as there is no clear way to progress and the trigger to progress doesn’t really make much sense. When you get out there is a driving section but it is slightly marred by the tunnels that you drive through being too small. The battle sequence after that is pretty well thought out and fun but just before the end I got stuck and had to noclip to get to the ladder at the end, not sure if that’s just me not getting the puzzle or of the puzzle was broken though.


    Very well paced start, a few npc’s weren’t quite orientated right for the start sequence but that might just be npc’s being npc’s there were a few issues with invisible walls, some where perhaps there shouldn’t be but I managed to break the first lock puzzle by going around it so maybe there weren’t enough invisible walls. But overall the map was fun, well paced and it had some cool ideas.

  6. Wesp5 51 comments

    12th February 2013

    I agree with everyone here that Retreat is the clear winner, although it had some minor issues, like blocky yellow fog over the lake and visible skybox lines there too. Or maybe this was just my system! Collectors Compound started very original, it was fun destroying art ;), but then it got weird and kept repeating its own design so I lost interest already during the second map.

  7. Fang 40 comments

    12th February 2013

    Play It Now!

    I feel the other maps, “Collector’s Compound” I didn’t finish because it frustrated me with it being TOO large and having so many enemies with no clear path, and “Missed Flight” I just felt was too difficult, I had to both noclip and god-mode a lot; the home-made train was really awesome and was really tense.

    “Retreat” on the other hand was awesome, the start of the map is a very-very-very tense flight scenario and I really felt like I went a long distance with the longish drive and the whole irradiated lake scene. I was actually disappointed when the “To be continued” showed up.

  8. Ade 787 comments

    12th February 2013

    Did you all write the reviews in the alphabetical order they’re listed here? Or that is how the mod lists them too? Cus mine were in the order I reviewed aka random. I’m now questioning my Windows’ way of sorting by name.

  9. dougjp 174 comments

    19th February 2013

    Play It Now!

    I really enjoyed this competition! So much creativity, so much variety and great gameplay! So THANKS to all the modders who make this possible. Its probably fair to say that the more time the modders get, the better, ie; the time between when the details are announced and when the deadline is?

    My personal choice was, Collector’s Compound, although Retreat was a close second. The others were close too.

    If asked why I picked Collector’s Compound, the initial answers might suggest it was a loser! Things like some HL era graphics (vegetation mainly), a Heli to do….what, give Breen a cameo part?, and numerous art works that break so I can see who created them, their name and what they are worth. I settled in to the idea that it was quasi comedy as well as an excuse as to why the props that get used are there.

    I loved the gameplay mainly, and the size. So many wide open spaces and different ways to deal with the enemies. And I find there’s far too little around to play these days, so its great to be engrossed in a good large map.

    I’m sure looking forward to the next competition!

  10. Blue Lightning 193 comments

    19th February 2013

    Play It Later

    Phillip says: “To a certain degree, all entries had issues. Some trigger issues, some areas not very details, some gameplay issues. But they all had potential.”

    Which is why I give the mods as a whole, only a PIL. I could go one by one, but really dont want to. Most of the issues with the mods have already been mentioned in earlier reviews.

    The hard work that must of gone into these fairly enjoyable mods must of been immense, considering the driving sections. I saw a lot of creativity in every mod I played, and most of that has been mentioned as well. The mod as a whole deserves a good play-through, and is appreciated by us real HL2 fans.

    Ok Phillip. Now we have proven that driving sections are do-able. Time for a proper “Highway 17ville” ;)

  11. Joe_Freeman 6402 comments

    19th February 2013

    Who would have EVER guessed that watermelons are a byproduct of crowbar production. Huh. Learn something new everyday!

  12. vancanucksfan 234 comments

    3rd March 2013

    Play It Now!

    I had a lot of fun playing these entries, as I usually do for the contests. My thoughts are as follows:

    The Collector’s Compound: some fantastic ideas, but bogged down by the sheer size of the maps and the repetitive spawning of enemies in certain areas. That lowered the enjoyment factor for me

    Retreat: very enjoyable, with combat that was paced well, excellent scenery, and a logical path to follow

    Missed Flight: another very good entry. The intro was terrific, I loved the train scene, and the Duke of Hazard horn when you make the big jump was a nice touch

    Crowduction: very difficult to complete and not really that fun to play. I didn’t like that the Hunter seems to be invincible because I wasted a lot of ammo on him. The description of your job at the beginning was amusing though.

    Evasion: this one was pretty rough around the edges. I managed to drive the car past an APC that was moving towards me and hit areas of the map where I “fell off”. Driving the car through such small spaces wasn’t really enjoyable, and there is no real ending to speak of.

    My overall winner is Retreat, with a close second for Missed Flight. The Collector’s Compound could be fantastic if some of the gameplay issues were addressed.

    Thanks again Phillip for running the contest!

  13. K0DAK47 29 comments

    5th March 2013

    Play It Now!

    Yes, it’s definitely a good idea for the contest. I would not have been able to do here, but there were five brave souls. Well …

    Collectors Compound by Mark Allan AKA Officer_B
    The idea is good, but the execution is too low. Simple humor, combined with a simple and good-natured mapping. A lot of flaws in the script, it is unfinished. All in all, worth playing. Costs a bit to finish.

    Crowduction by Miigga
    Like almost all Miigga’s maps, there are excellent mapping and puzzles. But I found it a bit boring, like the previous few of his works. A bit of cubism, but overall a good brashwork. However, not enough to win.

    Evasion by George Campbell
    I have the feeling that the author did not have enough time, and he did everything very quickly. Already seen in the screenshots curvature skybox. The work is not very accurate, but shows a steady hand. I found a few places where you can go beyond the map. A lot of bugs that prevent a gameplay.

    Missed Flight by Tony DeBlasio AKA Starman
    Yes, it’s definitely a nice trip! I find it hard to find fault with anything. Unfortunately I was not able to fully appreciate all the advantages, constantly flashed console errors, and it’s probably related with Steam. But mapping is excellent.

    Retreat by Alastair Toft AKA MisterAddy
    I would say a lot, but a lot has already been said (c). Great job, and I can call it the best. Mapping in some areas require improvement. I like beginning of the game, just fine.

    Thanks to all the mappers.

  14. Hec 966 comments

    1st April 2013

    Play It Now!

    Well here’s another proove PP. competition villes are getting better. As a whole I think it was an excellent competition i didn’t have the privilege to play and review untill now i had some time to play as crazy all the maps and mods i haven’t played yet.

    I voted for retreat as a winner, because is the more polished entry of the 5 we have, it has a solid begining where the only goal is to get the hell out of there and then the forest trip is just beautiful and the mine is pretty well set in there scenario. I love to see this as a completed mod soon if developer decide to keep on working on it.

    Then i think collector’s compound is the second best, because it feels as a huge combat arena more than anything else, tough the whole thing feels very un real if we think in HL2 CMB universe scenarios. Here i also would love to see the whole thing as a mod, i hope part 2 is on the way.

    Missed flight was also really cool and the musscle jalopy is really well used in the whole map, battle against striders is allways fun and here we also battle some hunters in the forest road, so i think is the third entry i liked.

    Crowduction from Migga is the worst migga’s map in his all collection, sorry migga but i didn’t like this map at all, the beggining was so dumb and then the whole thing was a puzzle after puzzle and so on an on like that. I get used to have very cool battles in miggas maps but here the combat is near to 0 level, just hectic and ugly puzzles all the way…

    Evasion is the plainest and boring of all. evade the cmb is what is all about forget about combat you get 0 nothing of combat action…, then the use of jalopy is cool but feels so used and the whole map street design on that city was blocky as hell.

    Overall a good competition, altough i think many of them doesn’t achive the goal of having a clear instruction path way the gamer should to follow. Anyway play it now as is a great PP comp.

  15. emartinezthree 7 comments

    7th September 2013

    I could not load this. After installing it manually and running it through the steam library I get a white screen with music. I wait and wait but it never clears (the music does die off though). If I push the windows key to go back to desktop I see the steam error: Can

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