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You’re name is Alex Johnes. You’re a scientist involved in the Black Mesa disaster. After being trained in a special Black Mesa self-defence course three months ago, you’re unwilling to accept the death that seems inevitable. You also won’t let the troops capture and kill you

Basic Details
  • Title: Escape from the Darkness
  • File Name: hl1-sp-escape-from-the-darkness-with-steamfix.7z
  • Original File Names: eftd_final.exe,
  • Size : 79.9Mb
  • Author: Team EFTD
  • Date Released: 22 December 2002
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1st January 1998

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  1. Bolx 216 comments

    29th May 2010

    If you want to play this on Steam you also need to download the patch, although there is a slight error in the patch instructions. The directory in the patch .zip is named

  2. This is a must have mod. I loved it. Played it the other day. It is worth hunting down. Checked out the site. SWEET! Lots of vintage stuff there

  3. Technic 475 comments

    18th January 2012

    Play It Later

    Very unique looking mod, with some flaws but nonetheless worth playing.

    -New textures, sounds, HUD, etc.
    -Many weapons
    -Very good, detailed graphics and leveldesign, nice intro
    -Own hazard course
    -Outdoor levels
    -Drum & bass music, but doesn’t fit to setting
    -Some puzzles

    -Weird story
    -Tight tunnels, pathways etc.
    -Some getting-stuck bugs (clipping), graphic bugs
    -Less action for my taste

  4. Escape From The Darkness is the completed version of Dark Force, this author’s previous release, generally a fine play and worth the download. And it’s obvious EFTD is an expansion on the ideas of Dark Force, taken to longer lengths…not entirely a good thing.

    The “custom” aspect this time around adds seven new weapons to play with, which all look quite nice (good modeling job there), retaining the cutting-edge military style that Half-Life itself defined. As you’ll find out though, they all seem to pack approximately equal punch (a hard punch at that) so it’s hard to tell which ones are more powerful than others…and this of course will lead to some weapons going unused. Lots of enemies will fall down after a few bullets, even on Difficult skill. The HUD is new too, with health & armor based on the armor vest concept seen in Raven’s Soldier of Fortune and Gearbox’s Half-Life: Blue Shift. And when you take damage, the screen flashes red and movement speed takes a temporary hit

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