This site is focused on Half-Life 1 and 2 maps and mods but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in other games. There was a time when I had lots of other games listed. I recently found a great site that list hundreds of free games and I sorted through to find the single player FPS games.

I then decided to list them in a similar way to the Single Player FPS Demos (Which I will update soon with Modern FPS demos). I don’t claim to have found every free SP FPS game but I doubt there is a better list available on the Internet.

I tried to list on those games where the player can actually more about, rather than being stuck in one place. IF you find any errors please contact, the same goes for games that are missing. SO, please consider this page a Work in Progress and likely to be updated as and when needed.

The list below features some fantastic free games like Sauerbraten and others, but will also feature some really bad ones too. Please don’t blame me for the quality, I’m just listing them!

I’d also like to remind readers that this list is for Single Player games and I know there are plenty of MP games available. Many of these types of MP games also allow player to play “offline” against bots. I haven’t include those but can if enough readers feel I should.

Lastly, I accept that it would be much more useful to have a screenshot and a short description next to each game but I just don’t have time for that.

Update 11 January 2008

Here are a few websites that you may find useful for free FPS games:

The Well-Known Games
The Other Games!

Unfortunately they are in random order. However, they all link to The Free Game Archive and 90% have screenshots and a brief description, along with a download link.


2nd January 2008

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  1. bobdog 49 comments

    2nd January 2008

    PP — if you have any recommendations for any of these, that would be appreciated!!

  2. Ok,I’ve just tested Ghost Hunt and it was very good from a dev point of view but quite hard to play becasue the mouse was so sensitive.

    Maybe I’ll try and play one each day and give it a star rating next to each. However, I doubt I’ll have time.

    Maybe somebody else would like a mini-PP project?

  3. bkadar 59 comments

    2nd January 2008

    seen some of these and more on mostly flash but still fun.

  4. Michael 14 comments

    2nd January 2008

    Per the “Well-Known” set: KKrieger has some nasty bugs that turned me off, and both Dino Hunters and Starsiege: Tribes are multiplayer only games (at least that is how they are described). If anyone knows different, I would appreciate a link that demonstates that.

    I have played the other three and they are really good. Sauerbraten in particular is well-designed and has an active community of level developers. I have also played several of the other listed games, but I will have to go back to refresh my memory before making recommendations.

  5. Per the

  6. Starsiege: Tribes has technical singleplayer. It’s got singleplayer training scenarios, native singleplayer bot support and singleplayer bot modifications, but to call it singleplayer would be a tad misleading.

  7. Michael 14 comments

    3rd January 2008

    The game ‘Broccoli Never Dies’ is actually a demo of Version 5 of the excellent CSP FPS game engine. The latest Version 8 has an even better demo that I have played and enjoyed. I suggest anyone interested should monitor the home site for future developments.

  8. Michael 14 comments

    3rd January 2008

    I just discovered at the site referenced above that two other games listed here are also prior demo versions of CSP: ‘Twilight of the Gods’ is demo 4 and ‘The Secret of Manes’ is demo 3. Later demos are: 6 – ‘To Be Or Not To Be’ and 7- ‘If it Moves – Shoot’. I have only played the latest version 8 but the earlier ones look like they are worth a look too.

  9. demo of Version 5 of the excellent CSP FPS game engine.

    I’ve just checked them out and they look great for free games.

  10. Chewie 6352 comments

    4th January 2008

    Thank you, Phillip, for giving me a new website to add to my favorites list :)

  11. Hi Phillip!
    A big thank you for publishing the links to games we have reviewed at!
    … the second one, old and hairy, that is me :-)

  12. A big thank you for publishing the links to games we have reviewed

    You are more than welcome, you work on a great site. Keep up the good work.

  13. JC 6352 comments

    5th January 2008

    Thx for this great info Phillip.

    BTW, what about “Free Doom”? is it worth playing?

  14. BTW, what about

  15. Michael 14 comments

    18th March 2008

    I may have to retract my earlier comment about Starsiege Tribes. I decided to give it a try using Spoonbot, which gives pretty good bot support in almost all modes. I haven’t tried any mods, although Spoonbot is supposed to work with quite a few. However on the 4 standard maps I have tried it does quite well, at least for a novice like me.

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