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Author’s Note: “Remember the first time a headcrab jumped out on you, well now is your chance for revenge. Eight deaths, infinite headcrabs, hours of fun.

This is one of my first proper maps so I hope you enjoy it. Depending on its success I may make an extreme version sometime next year.”

Basic Details
  • Title: Headcrab Revenge
  • File Name: hl1-sp-headcrab-revenge.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 43.35kB
  • Author: Darth Duvet
  • Date Released: 15 November 2005
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17th November 2005

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  1. Qwertyus

    14th April 2006

    This is TWHL map. Download it here: (actually, it’s not impressive).

  2. i think its great (although textures were stretched, whatever…)

  3. Technic 474 comments

    21st May 2012

    Avoid It!

    TWHL map, but still..
    A single map with only one tiny room with 8 buttons in front of a window, behind it a single headcrab will be spawned.
    Each buttons provides a different way the headcrab gets killed.
    After that a new one will be spawned and that’s it.
    VERY short, pointless and not really fun. (for two minutes)

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