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Basic Details
  • Title: Hnaii – Office Komplex
  • File Name: hl1-sp-hnaii-office-komplex.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 718Kb
  • Author: Erik ‘Gibmaker’ Hopkins
  • Date Released: 10 April 2002
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10th April 2002

Mod not working?
An update by Valve to some Source engines has caused a number of mods to stop working properly and give errors. Please visit my Get Mods Working post for more details.
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  1. Outstanding mod!I havent seen something like this for a long time,so surrealistic,i can feel influence of
    Silent Hill,very nice mod,perfect!

  2. Mel 914 comments

    17th August 2006

    The readme file quotes ” this map has no point” and for me that sums it up. A very pointless map which I am sure the author had fun building but can not imagine too many players having fun playing. Not worth the download for me but if you like your HL without story, plots, balance of gameplay and enjoy odd unconnected squences with screwball events then you may like this.

  3. Anon-00186

    15th October 2007

    Play It Now!

    The readme file quotes ” this map has no point” and for me that sums it up. A very pointless map which I am sure the author had fun building but can not imagine too many players having fun playing.

    I’d have to disagree! Best mod I’ve ever played!

  4. Maybe?

    This is a very short and strange (to say the least)map! The effects, I thought were good and very confusing, kinda like in the movie “Alice in Wounderland” or the PC game “American McGee’s Alice” but like the author said in his readme “No point”
    So if you like ‘em strange or maybe warm beer with an egg in it:

  5. Anon-00187

    6th November 2007

    Play It Now!

    Holy crap, one of the trippiest and surreal maps I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across.

    Not much combat or anything, just wow, the scripted sequences will blow your mind.


    It’s like Half-Life, on acid.

  6. piledriver

    2nd September 2008


    Yes, weird. And it made me jump a couple of times. And laugh.
    Definitely warm beer with an egg in it, and perhaps a cauliflower.

  7. Gypsy Jim

    4th September 2008

    Play It Now!

    The author(s) had some fun making this one! Highly recommended 10 minutes of your time, the only pity being that it didn’t get expanded a bit…..

  8. Play It Now!

    jajajaj …..
    A super crazy mod ……. excellent !

  9. 2muchvideogames

    15th October 2010

    I must have been under some weird drugs when I was playing this. Or not. I can’t tell.

  10. Technic 474 comments

    10th January 2012

    Avoid It!

    Totally agree to Mel here, as written in the readme file: This map has no point.

    Sorry there is nothing I liked in that mod, it’s just pathetic in my eyes…

    -Easy, quick and clean uninstall

    -Hmmm…where to start?

    ReplyEdited at 11:01 PM, 9th January 2012
  11. Play It Now!

    Have to say that I was smiling all the way. Map is just soo bizarre, weird, spooky, wacky…

    I just had to keep playing to see what waits behind next door…

  12. Anon_400157

    9th April 2012

    I had to play this three times to take it all in.

  13. Personal Favourite

    for a map this short and weird (and believe me, it is effing weird), I find myself replaying this constantly, almost as if I cant comprehend that this is possible in the engine. Definitely the author’s biggest triumph.

  14. Qwertyus 151 comments

    28th March 2013

    ROFL map!

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