Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I’m always looking for ways to improve the usability of the site and add new features. One I have been trying to add for a while is a random map or mod.

In the past I had a project site, which required the creation of three screenshots and a new row in a database. It looked pretty but was more work.

I changed the way I wanted this random post presented and finally got my hands dirty with copying and pasting some code. After that it was just a case of fiddling with it until I got what I wanted.

It’s now possible to view a random map or mod, either for every game covered on the site, or just for a specific game. The only game missing is Blue Shift since it only has one mod!

The links should be in the sidebar and below. Click on one of the links will display the full post, meaning you can download immediately or make a comment.

Simply refresh your browser to view another one in the same game.

Please add any feedback regarding this feature in the comments. Thank you.


27th December 2011

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  1. Just to let you know that currently the links don’t appear in the sidebar due to an issue with WordPress.

    ReplyEdited at 9:17 AM, 27th December 2011
  2. Hec 1078 comments

    27th December 2011

    Woow, cool feature, are u going to add this feature with a speciall link or a button in the site?? That would be very cool, also I tried the links and offered me interesting mods, this is the perfect way to rescue forgoten mods, that just lay in the past most of the times.

  3. Unq 520 comments

    27th December 2011

    Very cool, this is a nice feature to get something when you’re bored. Looks like there is a problem with seeing the download stats when you use this, though – everything is reported as 0 even though the actual mod page still reports download stats correctly.

  4. Nice feature! I was wondering if it could look through all half life 2 including the episodes games and get a random map just because then there are more to choose from of the same gamestyle.

  5. Unq 520 comments

    28th December 2011

    I like the sidebar box, but I think it could really use an icon or a nice background like the image for this post to make it stand out more.

  6. Wozzle 113 comments

    28th December 2011

    Looking pretty good. I now have something to do on a rainy day without anything to play.

    Also an addition of the links to the drop down menus at the top might help newcomers (or regulars even) if they don’t spot the links in the sidebar. Though thinking about it, that’s probably on the list of things to do already.

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