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I don’t buy many PC games, partly because I don’t have any spare cash to pay with and partly because I run this website and play all the mods I can. That lifestyle choice got me thinking.

Do you buy less PC games because you play mods?

Me First

Now, I am different from you in that most of my free time is spent on the site in one form or another. I don’t have that much free time and if I didn’t run the site then my vote may have been different. I would probably play more demos of games but experience has shown me that I don’t really enjoy them enough to buy them.

I would probably play only the bigger HL2 mods, rather than searching for the little maps. Of course if somebody else ran a PlanetPhillip then I probably play the smaller maps too.

Anyway, the point is that running a website or building a mod doesn’t leave you much time to just play.

Other Developers

I am guessing now, but I believe that most players who play lots of mods don’t play or buy as many games as other non-mod players do. In fact, if I were a developer part of me would be pretty angry with Valve and other developers for including editors in their games because on an individual basis I may be losing customers. Sure, as a whole it does gaming a lot of good to have a community that builds maps and mods but not for everybody.

Your turn

Do you think playing mods has reduced the number of games you buy?

The Poll


24th August 2008

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  1. mel 736 comments

    24th August 2008


  2. MASTER74 6398 comments

    25th August 2008

    Yes, I buy less PC games because most of them don't have the wonderful modding capabilities of the Half-Life games.
    PC games that don't allow custom content are not worthy.

  3. Kyouryuu 285 comments

    25th August 2008

    Within the realm of PC games, yes, I buy fewer games. Not just because I'd rather be building maps, but also because my machine can't handle the latest games. For example, I just bought F.E.A.R. yesterday!

    The ability for a PC game to facilitate the creation of mods is big consideration for me. If a PC game doesn't offer that, I'll typically wind up buying the console version if it exists or simply not buy it. BioShock was an excellent example of this.

  4. shawn 26 comments

    27th August 2008

    I do buy fewer games because of the availablity of mods. However, I did make a conscious decsiion a while back to not spend much money on PC games, so I'd say the presence of mods costs new game makers a mere $100-$200 per year of my hard-earned $$$. I may also be unusual in that it's rare for me to go out and get a brand-new game instead of waiting for the inevitable price drop after x months. The last game I ran out an bought at full price was Half-Life 2.

  5. Memobot 6398 comments

    30th August 2008

    I think you should have added "I don't buy many games anyway" to the list of options.
    I have a few, but tend to focus on a series (Half-life) and may wait a few years to buy one that is proven to be very good.
    I loathe Halo, due to it's transferred-for-the-console roots, and hype never appeals to me as it seems to turn everyone into sheep, with the game as the shepherd, and it looks rather pitiful.
    Modding is great, but I only look after I've played a game to death.

  6. Old Scratch 163 comments

    15th September 2008

    Lately, I haven't had any really compelling games to play, outside DOOM3, HL2, and CaesarIV. I do buy the occasional game from Half Price Books (yeah, i'm cheap), but typically I'm disappointed with them (last one I installed was Pariah–just a meh game). So, unless it's a truly compelling game like DOOM3 or HL2, I don't bother, and the mods available for both keep me going, so far.

  7. Grey Acumen 505 comments

    2nd December 2009

    Maybe. I technically should say yes, cause mods have totally been satisfying my gaming jones for the past year, but that's also been balanced out by the incredible steam deals that have been running. I've bought a lot of games through steam, though the highest I've ever paid has been about $5

  8. Dusty_Lions 251 comments

    11th September 2010

    I buy games because of the mods actually. Can't really vote on that one.

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