Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Sometimes it’s easy to miss the obvious questions. In fact, I am very surprised I haven’t asked this before. If I have then I must have missed it when I looked through the Poll Question List view.

We all know what we like but do we really know what others like?

Of course, a good mod should include aspects of all of the choices but there’s no denying we probably prefer one style more than another.

Which one do you prefer?

Time to Vote!


17th June 2012

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  1. For me, I can’t really pin down one mode. I would have to have at least two elements going on. Such as, combat and exploration or puzzle and exploration.
    The two elements together create interest and keep you from getting bored. And all of them at the same time would probably make my brain melt…

  2. Fred makes a very good point. HL2 is my fave all-time game because it combines several elements so very well. Valve got the balance spot on.

    If I have to stick to one game element, I’m incline to say driving is my favourite genre, but it’s surprising how few really good race games there are. They are either too arcade-y with no physics or they veer in the opposite direction and too much like a simulator, and this too hard to play with a gamepad (I don’t have the room for a wheel & pedals).

  3. TabMan 169 comments

    18th June 2012

    A good map is a mix of all these types, but my personal favourite is exploring.

    But it also depends on if the map is atmospheric enough for me to want to explore. Some maps just feels like empty spaces and it was a waste of time going into that room. Its the small things that makes it. I walk into a room and something as simple as a cup or something falls of a table, and it was worth to go in.

    Exploring extends the playtime of maps and people don’t like being controlled.

  4. I love exploring good, interesting maps with the occasional bouts of combat thrown in for good measure along with a few puzzles. That’s why “G-String” is my perfect idea of a game, although the combat is a tad too rough in places!
    Half-Life 2 is a well-balanced game of mostly exploration, interesting scenery and monsters and plenty of combat.

  5. Herr_Alien

    19th June 2012

    It’s a mix of exploration and combat.
    I need to know where I’m going, and if making it through requires combat then so be it. But I also want the freedom do check every piece of the game world. I mean combat is great, and I feel it is well supplemented by a nice surprise (ammo cache? health kit?) got by looking around the place.

  6. I’m the “stealth ninja sniper” type: I’ll stand as far back as I can, and plink away, especially when the enemy is in a huge space and there’s a bunch of them (black ops in “Hostiles”)–it turns out the most accurate long-range weapon is the pistol!! Go figure!

    I don’t like letting any enemy get behind me: I’ll back and back and back up til I have a wall at my back, or duck into a corner where I’ve got clear view of the space, and let them come to me, ducking out just enough to encourage the AI to follow me into the space. This is hardest with the BlackOps bunch, tho: mainly because they just move so damn fast!!

  7. K0DAK47 30 comments

    22nd June 2012

    Mixed gameplay.

  8. TheShortestTallGuy

    22nd June 2012

    Personally, I like ‘defend” gameplay, such as the antlion fight in episode 2, the elevator survival in episode 1 and the fight vs the combine guards using turrets in half life 2’s entanglement chapter.

  9. Hec 1079 comments

    25th June 2012

    It would be a perfect combination between exploring and combat one!!, I love to combat and explore cool interesting maps, the less kind that I like is the puzzle one, I respect nerdy people who like pure puzzle gaming, bbut im glad exploration and combat are in major numbers in in this poll, than the puzzle ones.

  10. Mine is driving, but also exploration. But it only let me choose one :P

    ReplyEdited at 3:43 AM, 3rd July 2012
  11. SPY 115 comments

    4th July 2012

    as a mapper I am glad that combat is on the second place, and exploration first. personaly I choose combat first, and should it be possible to add a second choice then that would be a mix of exploration and driving.

    it does surprise me a bit because I thought puzzles would be at least on the first or second place, at least with Hl2 mods.
    so, good to see these results.
    thanks for this great pole again Phillip!


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