Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Imagine this for a moment.

Valve release a press release saying something like the following.

A randomly selected 10% of Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode TWo have been updated with minor clues related to a forthcoming game announcment.

All the above games get updated but only 10% from each game will contain the clues.

A website has been created to track clues that have been found.

Now, the question is, would you replay the games to find the clues or would you just wait until somebody posted them on the Net?

HL3 is not mentioned but assumed for the sake of this post and poll.

Time to vote


29th July 2014

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  1. I would even play Blue Shift if necessary.

  2. Brickinator

    29th July 2014

    It would be great if all of the hints were stuck in Lost Coast in extremely blatant ways. The Borealis could be docked there with ATLAS and P-Body waddling around it. Not even subtle.

  3. Goshdarnit, I did not see “imagine this for a moment” at first…

  4. MisterAddy 198 comments

    29th July 2014

    Yes, any news related to Half-Life I would be very interested in – it’s been so long! I loved finding all the radio clues that were added into Portal in the ARG, even if it was beyond my abilities to decode them.

  5. JG 471 comments

    29th July 2014

    I dislike ARGs myself, so I’d tune it out and wait for others to figure out what it all meant. There are too many great games I could be playing right now instead of wasting time with ARGs for games that don’t yet exist.

    ReplyEdited at 7:20 PM, 29th July 2014
  6. I wouldn’t if I had a 1/10 chance of being updated with the content.
    If everyone got it, then yeah I would replay any of the half life series, although that might be just an excuse to revisit the games to experience something new within them as opposed to uncovering a HL3 ARG

  7. I would, but I just want to point out that since Steam automatically sets how the game works, there is no way that only 10% of people would actually receive the easter eggs.

    • Let’s not forget that Valve controls Steam and there’s no reason to think that they can’t do something like this. In fact it might be quite common. A/B testing is prevalent in all sorts of places and situations. Who is to say that we ALL play EXACTLY the same game? Remember, the difference might be very small. The intensity of a light source that leads the way or even a piece of graffiti.

  8. Ade 903 comments

    30th July 2014

    Well since we re-play those anyway, I say “sure, why not?”.

  9. Hec 1079 comments

    30th July 2014

    I’d love that Valve launched some hints about HL3 here on, that could be?? If Valve guys are in touch with you Phillip, this could be part of a big conspiracy!! OH DEAR!

    ReplyEdited at 4:54 PM, 30th July 2014
  10. Mega Sean 45

    1st August 2014

    Actually, I look at the fandom’s work, and I look back at my theories of the Combine’s backstory, and I think to myself… what if this all happens in HL3? What if the fandom is so good at making their own stories, Valve is only delaying because the fans keep stealing it? I dunno if that’s true, but still… everything you see within the HL universe, including the Portal games may give some ideas on what HL3 might be like.

  11. Zekiran

    4th August 2014

    I would definitely, like most folks I replay these games a lot already. For me, I think it would be easy to spot such changes, but then again anyone who was “in the know” would just rip the maps open and see what notes they could find. :)

  12. JG 471 comments

    6th August 2014

    What’s the origin of that creepy G-Man header?

    ReplyEdited at 5:32 AM, 6th August 2014
  13. SPY 115 comments

    11th August 2014

    HL3 has been confirment quit a while ago, at least by former Valve employee
    Minh “Goodeman”Le. This was announced somewere early this year on IGN news. So Hl3 is coming, its worked on, it’s just a matter of when. As we all know does Valve has bad experienced with announcing to early a release date (think about the HL2 release date), but i assume we can expect at least some news next year or later this year.
    That said, i wouldn’t play Hl2 or any other source game again, just to find some clues, i rather read about it on the net after other people have done so. Not that i am lazy but i hardly ever play a game for the second time, simply because i play games so slowly, to check each and every corner and hallway. So playing a game again would give me no new impressions. Although i do replay race games a lot, but that is something different.
    Also are there so many new games around that i don’t even have the time to play a game the second time, lol. I game for a hour a day, the other time i spend developing my mods.

    Nice idea for a topic Phillip!
    greetings to all,

  14. Tobeas 169 comments

    19th August 2014

    Well I know HL2, EP1 and EP2 inside and out and its great games so it would be my pleassure to replay the games, for nostalgia :)

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