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The Core is a single player modification for Half-Life. The player assumes the role of Maurice Andrews, a high level engineer stationed in the deep central complex of Black Mesa.

Set 2 days after the resonance cascade disaster, Maurice finds himself waking up in a make-shift infirmary, somewhere within the high security labs. He is then sent on a mission to find an assist a group of staff who are fighting their way to the surface.

Playing as an engineer and being trapped in a high security area, the player must not only fight the creature roaming the halls, but also repair machinery, override security systems, or sometimes simply find the right key to continue towards the surface.

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Great video here, showing the changes to some sections of the mod. Highly recommended.


Please note, all screenshots shown here related to 2012. No early ones are available from this website.
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The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1
The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1
The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1
The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1 The Core for Half-Life 1
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20th July 2012

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  1. Unq 499 comments

    20th July 2012

    Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on this one too. The guys making it are regulars at TWHL and not only know what they're doing technically but they have a good eye for aesthetics as well.

  2. William

    20th July 2012

    Podcast 17 has been following this mod for some time. I've never seen that video before though — fantastic stuff. I love Half-Life mods. I'm curious to see how they impliment a "repair" mechanic… I hope it's not just, "Hit this piece of machinery with your crowbar a bunch of times". There needs to be something unique to these parallel stories mods. Don't get me wrong, I love these types of mods and I love seeing the resonance cascade from other perspectives, it just gets a bit old without a new mechanic of some sort.

  3. First time I hear about this mod that seems very promising!
    I'm following the progress and really looking forward to the final results.
    Have a nice day!

  4. VCD Konex

    20th July 2012

    I've following this mod in ModDB, it's one of my favourite mods in development

  5. 23-down 63 comments

    20th July 2012

    Gonna love this mod when it comes out… It looks epic just epic.

  6. August 2012 Update

    Text below, taken from ModDB but edited for context.

    Hello once again to you, our utterly amazing fans and critics! Thanks to your feedback and support, we're working on The Core harder than we ever have before and it's leading to something that myself and Urby are hugely proud of.

    There has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears but we're really within sight of the finishing line now and we definitely wouldn't have gotten this far without you guys – I genuinely mean that.

    Before I get to the media, I'd like to announce an exciting partnership with who will not only be publishing The Core when it's complete, but is also going to host a competition during the launch week with prizes for you to win by playing the mod – more details on that closer to the time. PlanetPhillip is also going to be hosting some exclusive media and behind-the-scenes shots from Hammer in the meantime, and has already run a short preview article.

    In stark contrast to the last media update, Urby is now working on a horror section where the player will have to overcome a unique and problematic enemy who spends most of the chapter stalking from afar. It puts up quite a fight and provides an explosive final to one of the most suspenseful chapters in the mod.

    Meanwhile, now that I've pretty much finished off the massive Cendark chapter (the one with the trams that received an overwhelming amount of feedback here, thankyou guys!) I've moved onto a brand new area – one of the final sections. Finally within sight of sunlight for the first time in hours, the player is going to be pushed to the absolute limits one last time before escaping.

    There's more to come soon, and as always we'd love to hear what you think about this update! Let us know in the comments – we read every single one, and will reply to any questions.
    Finally, if you want to help us out, please share this mod amongst your gaming communities! Let them know about it so that we can reach the widest audience possible and hopefully entertain as many people as we can!

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    ReplyEdited at 8:31 AM, 15th August 2012
  7. Ade 898 comments

    15th August 2012

    Amazing videos…!

  8. Got a few exclusive screenshots:

    "Single "Single "Single

    Here's the latest video:

    This is looking better every update!

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