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Basic Details
  • Title: Underground Facility
  • Filename: hl1-sp-underground-facility.7z
  • Original Filename:
  • Size : 230Kb
  • Author: XargoL
  • Date Released: 03 August 2004
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17th February 2006

Mod not working?
An update by Valve to some Source engines has caused a number of mods to stop working properly and give errors. Please visit my Get Mods Working post for more details.
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  1. LoneWolf65

    18th February 2006

    Very short and too easy map.
    I don’t know if it’s a bug, but there is a HEV suit in front of you on the brief train ride at the beginning and you can’t use it!
    One keycard to find to open the door that takes you to the end of map.
    Looks like this is an experimental map. Well done though and I enjoyed my short passage through it! A few grunts on the way that are very easy to mow down…

    Keep up the good work!

  2. um.. yeah good work about that

  3. TheRipper

    7th February 2008


    there is a HEV suit in front of you on the brief train ride at the beginning

    Nope, no hev suit. Checked it several times.

    Good map, but very short.

  4. way 2 easy
    you dont even need cheats for this map
    tried it whit hard diff, still too easy.

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